July 28, 1989 the founder of the group Igor Mikhailovich Slyunkov registered his first venture – the travel agency “Meridian”.

In 1992, another business line was opened – the construction of gas stations and the retail sale of petroleum products. The new company was named “LIS”.

1995-2000 years for LISa for years of active investment in the construction industry. The LIS Group of Companies was formed.

In 2000-2005, investments were made in a number of public transport enterprises.

Since 2004, a new business line has been launched – the construction and management of commercial real estate.

In recent years, the greatest results have been achieved by such enterprises of the Group:

The LIS group also includes more than ten small enterprises that provide various services.

Currently, the LIS Group with a total staff of about 2000 people is one of the most successful private businesses in Ukraine.

The main areas of activity of the Group include the production of building materials, public transportation, management of commercial real estate.

Door Factory VERTO

The door factory “VERTO” is one of the biggest manufacturers of interior doors on the territory of Ukraine. The factory has impeccable reputation as demonstrated by the fact that we have been one of the leading manufacturers of rebated doors for 7 years.

ТМ «VERTO» creates unique and reliable doors that harmoniously fit into any modern interior. For the existence time we have become a reliable partner that creates beauty, comfort and cosines in every home and the widest range of manufactured products will satisfy tastes of even the most demanding customers.

Factory of reinforced concrete products “Budmajster”

The factory of reinforced concrete products “Budmajster” is a modern enterprise with many years of development experience, which began in the mid-1960s.

The priority direction of the plant is the production and sale of reinforced concrete products for general construction purposes for the construction of buildings and structures, which have a decisive and fundamental role in construction.

By the level of technical and economic characteristics, reinforced concrete products are the main constructive material and occupy a priority place in the production of construction products. High level of product quality, vast experience and perfect production allowed to provide high-quality reinforced concrete products with a significant number of construction projects.

Factory building mixtures “Budmajsterr”

Factory building mixtures “BudMajster” since 1999 is a manufacturer of quality dry mixes for construction. To date, BudMajster is the largest and most powerful national producer of building mixtures.

The strategy of our enterprise is a strategy of leadership, which is based on the introduction of innovative technologies. We set ourselves high technological tasks. We are creating a new modern Ukrainian enterprise. The most important principle of the company’s activity is the production of European quality products.

The product range of “BudMajster” consists of more than 100 items and includes construction mixtures that are in demand at any stage of construction or repair.

Manufacture of paving slabs “BRUKLAND”

The company “Brukland” was established in 2016 on the basis of the industrial giant “Budmajster”, which for more than 20 years is the leading manufacturer of structural reinforced concrete and other construction products in Ukraine. All our products are subject to close monitoring in the laboratory, which guarantees a high quality of services.

The purpose of the company “Brukland” is to manufacture products according to the highest standard. We want to satisfy the demands of even the most demanding customers in accordance with the principle that the welfare of the buyer is our success.

Long-term experience allows us to constantly develop – expand the range of products, improve the quality of services, develop a distribution network and increase the number of satisfied customers.

The door factory «Budmajster» is one of the biggest manufacturers of interior doors on the territory of Ukraine. The firm has worked on the market of joinery products for over 20 years, producing a wide range of products under the Trade Mark “EcoDoors”.

For today products of the Door Factory has won customer’s trust on the interior doors market by a high quality, modern design and an excellent price-quality of products. The Door Factory is part of the investment-production company “Budmajster”, that creates a stable financial infrastructure of the factory and guarantee active and dynamic development of TM “Eco doors” on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

Plant of scaffolding and formwork “Budmajster”


The plant “Pavlogradspetsmash”, originates from 1928. Originally it was Pavlograd inter-district tractor station, then inter-district tractor workshops, and inter-district repair workshops.

In 1996, the plant was privatized, and as a result it was renamed into “Pavlogradspetsmash” Plant.

In 2008, the production of the Pavlogradspetsmash plant began to work on new sites: in connection with the planned expansion of production, the enterprise moved from the central part to the industrial zone of the city of Pavlograd.

The new production facility is equipped with advanced technological equipment, which makes it possible to increase the output several times.

Regional network of bus stations “Dopas”

Private Joint Stock Company

“Dnipropetrovsk regional bus station enterprise”

The enterprise consists of 33 bus stations located in the cities and regional centers of the Dnepropetrovsk region.

Every day 3800 international, intercity and suburban buses and 28 thousand passengers leave from the company’s bus stations.

All the bus stations of PAO DOPAS are connected to a single computer ticket sales system.

The road transport company carries out cargo transportation for more than 15 years, which guarantees the optimal combination of the level of service provided with quick processing of orders and qualified delivery.

“Pavlograd Motor Transport Enterprise” is a company that provides services for the transportation of goods, passengers and car repairs. The staff includes experienced professionals – vehicle dispatchers and logistics experts.

Property management “Business Center”

Commercial Property Management Business Center

The Limited Liability Company “Business Center” was established in February 1998.

The main activities of LLC “Business Center” include:

– operations with commercial real estate (leasing of offices, shops, buildings, warehouses and industrial premises in Pavlograd and the district);

– management of commercial real estate, provision of a wide range of services to tenants of commercial real estate;

– sale and lease of real estate of the customer with full legal support of the transaction.

We deal exclusively with transactions with commercial real estate, so if you contact us about renting an office, a store, a warehouse, a free destination, you can be sure that our employees will offer you the information about the most suitable options for you in the shortest possible time.

Full company “Central City Lombard” Legal Company “Liga” and Company “

Has successfully worked in the financial market since 1995, is a member of the Association of pawnshops of Ukraine.

The financial services provided by our Pawnshop – the provision of funds on a loan, including on the terms of a financial loan.

Our Lombard issues mortgage loans to citizens under the bail of jewelry made of precious metals (gold). The activity of the company is aimed at working with clients of various age and social categories, while adhering to an individual approach to each client. Throughout the history of our business, we strive to understand and meet the desires and needs of our clients. Our goal is to provide non-bank financial services to individuals at the highest level. In this regard, we are constantly working to increase the standards of customer service and simplify the conditions for the issuance of pawnshop loans.