About the group

July 28, 1989 the founder of the group Igor Mikhailovich Slyunkov registered his first venture – the travel agency “Meridian”.

In 1992, another business line was opened – the construction of gas stations and the retail sale of petroleum products. The new company was named “LIS”.

1995-2000 years for LISa for years of active investment in the construction industry. The LIS Group of Companies was formed.

In 2000-2005, investments were made in a number of public transport enterprises.

Since 2004, a new business line has been launched – the construction and management of commercial real estate.

In recent years, the greatest results have been achieved by such enterprises of the Group:

The LIS group also includes more than ten small enterprises that provide various services.

Currently, the LIS Group with a total staff of about 2000 people is one of the most successful private businesses in Ukraine.

The main areas of activity of the Group include the production of building materials, public transportation, management of commercial real estate.


Address: Sobornaya St., 103 Pavlohrad, Dnipropetrovsk Region, Ukraine, 51400

Phone/Fax: +38(05632) 64935,